The History of Australian Hose and Fittings

The Olden Days

Australian Hose and Fittings (AHF) was formed by the Sandilands family in 2002 to manufacture and distribute a high quality range of product at realistic prices to a market in need of a reliable alternative.

The high manufacture cost of production in Australia saw AHF seeking outside expertise to enhance the customer experience. By 2006, together with some of the world's leading manufacturing companies, AHF developed and introduced the “Taipan” range of hose and fittings to the Australian market.

  From humble beginnings and a Mission to create a customer base of raving fans, AHF has continually grown its product range to a customer requirement “specific” portfolio. This has ensured the “right” product to the right equipment.

With the commitment to getting it right AHF purchased their first small impulse tester in 2009. Upgrading in 2011 and again to the world recognised Bimal test rig in 2014. Now recognised for its stringent testing regime AHF strive for product quality excellence.

With continuous development not only in the product but just as importantly in the team, AHF brings with it a spirited enthusiastic group of energetic people on a journey to world class organisational and service ethics.

Today AHF is developing further advantages to ensure their customers are not only receiving the best in service but are offering a true business advantage to take to the market.

These Days
  In September 2015 Allan Sandilands purchased the other half of the business from his brother Tim, and becomes the sole owner of Australian Hose and Fittings.